Scott Thomason - Principal

Mr. Thomason - Principal

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It’s hard to believe that I am beginning my twelfth year at CPMA as its principal.  It seems like only yesterday I was moving into my own office, scavenging through the old principal’s left behind books and manuals, and trying to decide exactly what kind of leader I wanted to be. 

And, while my leadership skills and messaging has evolved over the years, what has remained steady throughout is my resolve to make sure the students came first. I like to believe that I have helped CPMA to become the amazing school it is today, but the truth is, it is the incredible staff who have dedicated their lives to helping students develop a passion for the arts that truly defines the school’s vision.

But, as this is my Bio page, my focus is on sharing a little about myself.  And so… 

Well, to start with, I have been happily married for twenty-one years (and we just celebrated our thirtieth anniversary….that’s a joke!  I’ve only been married for twenty-one years…all happy…wink!)  I have four children, three of whom I love (another joke…I only love two…Seriously though, I have 4 amazing children ranging in age from 32 to 17).  I am one year away from being an empty nester…sooner if I change the locks on the door like I keep threatening to do.  I have several hobbies including joking about my family, reading, watching too much television (Yay, COVID), and fusing glass.  I actually have a glass studio in my garage much to my wife’s consternation at never being able to park her car in the garage.   I love to travel and have been all over the world, and am constantly surprised that my family keeps managing to find me. (I really hope you all understand a joke or this is one awkward sounding bio). Finally, I love to hang out with my friends (Boo, COVID), my pets, and my kids.  I especially enjoy forcing my son to play games with the family during dinner when all he wants to do is stare at his phone. 

Because I love my family, I’ll share about them.  My thirty-two year old is a lawyer out in Connecticut with a beautiful wife.  My twenty-nine year old is my world traveler Wunderlust kid who has the unique ability to charm the world with a simple smile.  Then there is my amazing twenty-year old daughter who is finishing up college up in Sonoma and acting like she’s too cool for daddy time.  Finally, there is my seventeen year old last but certainly not least son, who has incredible talent and intelligence (equal or greater than his three very intelligent siblings) who is finishing up High School and already has an advanced degree in Smart Aleck remarks.  But, I love him anyway…because the law says I have to.  (Again, Kidding!).

When anyone asks me why I went into education (my therapist aside), I tell them that for me it is simple:  I love kids.  I love working with them, making them smile, helping them grow, and seeing them shine.  I hope you know that as long as your children are at CPMA that they will be safe, loved, and nurtured.  That’s my promise to you.

I look forward to getting to know you all as the days go by...

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